Sunday, 14 February 2010

Préparation :

True to form, I left packing until about 3 hours before we were due to leave. Which is plenty of time, if you don't happen to be the world's worst packer, a la moi. So about an hour and roughly 25kg of clothes/shoes/ridiculous amounts of shower stuff and magazines later, my suitcase was ready, and (just!) shut.


After the mammoth task of packing the suitcase, came packing my hand luggage. Have I mentioned that I can't travel lightly?

Inside my bag

My fabulously light (ha!) hand luggage consisted of:
- iPod, a travelling essential. I had charger for said essential packed, do not panic.
- French phrase book, I did say that my French is appalling...
- Huge, knitted cosy slipper socks - why are coaches always so goddamn cold?!
- Blackberry, for obvious reasons (although roaming rates are ridic!!!)
- Twilight... desperate to finish this book. I love it. And Edward. He made my coach journey so much more enjoyable ♥
- FCP Paris guide :)
- GQ and 10 mens mags, for researching mens fashion. And I'm not going to lie... for a bit of eye candy!
- My Paris notebook. Amazing Paperchase purchase (Kate had the same, crazy!), it had little slots to put postcards in. Perfect for my travels!.. and I did fill it, too!

Not pictured were other essentials, lipbalm, huge Ikea blanket (best idea of 2010 to date), ibruprofen, and the most essential of all. My camera! Which was not in the photo for obvious reasons... I was using it. Ha.

x x x x

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